nada debs curves arabesque chair for design days dubai 2015




the traditional craftsmanship of the middle east unites with the restraint of a japanese aesthetic in the ‘arabesque chair’ series by nada debs. presented at design days dubai 2015, the lebanese designer — who was brought up in japan — adapts her own multi-cultural background to her work, forming interior and outdoor pieces which not only speak to a global market, but also a union of forms and materials from across the globe.


the warmth of arab expression is defined by intricately worked patterns that interlock to create curved backrests for a variety of seating configurations. a love seat comprises an ‘S’-shaped curve that allows two people to face each other in opposite directions; a much longer variation of this same idea — seen in white at the design days fair in downtown dubai — accommodates multiple seating people in both couch and chair formations.

arabesque modern lounge chair

arabesque modern dining chair

arabesque modern armchair

love seat armchair

the curve of the chair allows people to face each other while sitting
image © designboom

image © designboom

the wooden cutouts are intricately patterned, drawing reference from middle-eastern typoligiesnada-debs-arabesque-chair-design-days-dubai-designboom-11
the white unit adapts for multiple people and uses

craftsman carving the pattern

the patterns source middle eastern influences