nadadora studio curves tabs stools + tables for sancal




furniture brand sancal presents a collection of stools and side tables created by spanish design studio nadadora. the series ‘tab’ proposes stools and side tables based on the form of beehives made with trunks of wood, typical in the northwest of spain. the base is made of two curved sheets of chestnut, riveted together where the ends meet. a wide set of combinations are created from two heights of bases and two diameters of tops. the collection is available in a wide range of tonalities, sober colors for discreet environments and brighter tones that contrast with the wood. the whole series is on display at the 2011 milan design week.

nadadora studio sancal designboom the series can be tailored to specific environments and moods

nadadora studio sancal designboom even the rivets come in different colors and can be matched to the tops