‘block chair’ by sugiX all images courtesy of design association

japan’s design association has established a collaboration with processor of industrial waste nakadai teaming up with architects and designers to take a creative approach to recycling. at the nakadai factory in gunma, japan, unwanted stock, odd lots and single use containers are collected and separated out to be re-purposed as useful materials. by taking these discarded objects and injecting some creativity to them, new value is added – moving from a throwaway society to one of re-use.  

nakadai project: block chair by sugiX the bases of discarded office chairs are given new live in the form of a children’s bench

the designers in residence initiative, aims to give young creatives an opportunity to witness the immense amount of industrial waste collected each day, and to have them develop works from the waste during their stay in the nakadai neighborhood. the pieces created through experimentation and exploration into the realization of an actual commercial product will be sold at the nakadai stand during tokyo designers week 2011 as well as online. profits will be divided between the designer and towards supporting the sustainability of the designer in residence program.

nakadai project: block chair by sugiX

nakadai’s newest project collaboration is with designer sugiX who has remade waste materials into four new products including ‘block chair’. the seating object utilizes bases of old office chairs, giving them new life in the form of a kid’s bench. looking to the idea of toy building blocks, children can choose their favourite colours and arrange the parts themselves.

nakadai project: block chair by sugiX

nakadai project: block chair by sugiX the bases come in a range of bold colors which can be arranged as desired

nakadai project: block chair by sugiX rejuvenating the bases

nakadai project: block chair by sugiX discarded office chairs – the starting point for ‘block chair’