one of the paper lamps in nancel duke’s ‘sadako’ collection all images © nancel duke

the work of french designer nancel duke (antipatic), the ‘sadako’ paper collection consists of lamps composed exclusively of paper, created as an experiment in the application of simple materials and production techniques for use in day-to-day objects.

the series uses sturdy paper composed of polyester and cellulose, which is scored, folded, cut, printed, and glued into the proper forms. different designs are achieved through different paper shapes and folding techniques.

duke notes that new european standards on energy saving have required consumers to switch from incandescent lamps to CFL bulbs, which have a very low heat output and thus cause no risk of fire even when used in such close proximity to paper. models are sold both prefolded and flat, to be assembled by the consumer.

nancel duke: sadako paper lamps unfolding and use

nancel duke: sadako paper lamps different folding techniques effect differently sized and shaped lamps

nancel duke: sadako paper lamps additional model

nancel duke: sadako paper lamps  lamp on and off

nancel duke: sadako paper lamps  view of lamp lit

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