nao tamura nanimarquina designboom
nao tamura’s quill carpet for nanimarquina evokes the delicacy of a fallen feather




nao tamura is known for drawing on the organic shapes and patterns found in nature to inform her work, as evidenced her ‘ring’ stool for artek, and ‘seasons’ serving plate for COVA and MoMA. the new york-based, japanese creative’s ‘quill’ carpet for nanimarquina is no different. expressing the delicacy of a single, fallen feather, or the playfulness of multiple ones gathered together, each piece reveals something different. the ‘quill’ rugs are handmade, meaning that no two are alike — just as in nature. the design evokes soft and subtle color variations that bring a bit of the outdoors inside.

nao tamura nanimarquina designboom
the ‘quill’ carpet draws its shape from feathers

nao tamura nanimarquina designboom
the floor covering brings a bit of lightness to one’s interior

the carpets are handmade, meaning each one is unique

hand weaving the ‘quill’ carpet

the making of ‘quill’



combing back the wool

concept sketches