‘shiba’ alessi cookware designed by naoto fukasawa images courtesy of alessi




‘shiba’ is a new collection of cookware designed by naoto fukasawa for italian design manufacturer alessi. the project is named after the most popular breed of dog in japan, a companion to families, a fitting name for the pots and pans that can be relied on for every day use. with a design that is not bulky like classic cookware, ‘shiba’ strips pots and pans down to their necessity, keeping them to a limited number of elements. handles are produced in bakelite or wood, and are resistant, practical and minimalistic in both their form and use. designed for continual use, its signs of use and wear make them more beautiful with the passing of time. although good for traditional methods of cooking, this particular series is ideal for slow cooking – requiring minimal amounts of water – according to the canons of eastern tradition or fusion cuisine. the pieces will be presented at MACEF 2011 in milan.



naoto fukasawa: shiba for alessi the handles are made in either wood or bakelite



naoto fukasawa: shiba for alessi designer naoto fukasawa demonstrating the use of the ‘shiba’ cookware


naoto fukasawa: shiba for alessi naoto fukasawa in the kitchen with the ‘shiba’ cookware he designed for alessi