NASA is bringing back its iconic ‘worm’ logo from the 1970s for spaceX’s upcoming falcon 9 crew dragon launch. retired in 1992, the famous design is making a comeback to celebrate the return of orbital human spaceflight to american shores.


the worm logo was designed in 1974 by danne & blackburn and officially introduced a year later, as part of an effort to ‘upgrade’ the space agency’s graphics. prior to this, NASA had been using its original logo since 1959, affectionately called ‘the meatball’ after it was retired.

NASA brings back iconic 'worm' logo for spaceX falcon 9 rocket

images courtesy of NASA



the worm and the meatball coexisted for 17 years, until the worm was buried in 1992. now agency officials have decided to use both again. NASA officials wrote in a statement today:


‘the agency is still assessing how and where it will be used, exactly. it seems the worm logo wasn’t really retired. it was just resting up for the next chapter of space exploration. and don’t worry: the meatball will remain NASA’s primary symbol.’


the iconic, 1970s red-text emblem has been stenciled on the spaceX falcon 9 rocket that will launch the demo-2 test flight. demo-2, which is scheduled to lift off in mid- to late may, will send NASA astronauts bob behnken and doug hurley to and from the international space station (ISS) aboard spaceX’s crew dragon capsule.