nathalie teugel’s moov chair charges your phone while you move
(above) chair profile
all images courtesy of nathalie teugels




nathalie teugels presents ‘moov’, a chair that charges your phone or tablet while you sit down on it and move. in order to achieve this, the dutch designer used the piezoelectricity effect which gives certain materials the ability to generate an electric charge in response to applied mechanical stress like pressure or vibration. the sensors placed on the chair are activated as someone takes a seat or when they get back up. this motivates the user to move the whole time, due to the flexible and cantilevered structure of its frame. a battery, where all the electricity is stored so none of it gets lost, is connected to a USB outlet located at the armrest, making sure the phone is never too far away.

nathalie teugels moov chair designboomthe chair uses the piezoelectricity effect to charge a battery as the user moves the chair




nteugels comments on her project that, ‘the whole idea started from a very personal story, one about hyperactivity and ADHD. sit still was something that I heard a lot during my childhood. because of this, I wanted to design something where my energy could get used in a positive way. therefore, I created a chair where I cannot sit still and where moving is a must. this is a chair for people who have the habit of tapping their feet on the ground the whole time, or simply moving on the chair constantly.’

nathalie teugels moov chair designboomchair USB connection and battery


video courtesy of RAHVICE

nathalie teugels moov chair designboomtwo different power outlets

nathalie teugels moov chair designboomthe users can connect their phones on the armrest, making sure it will always be close to them

nathalie teugels moov chair designboomchair beech

nathalie teugels moov chair designboomthe structure is made of cantilevered steel frame

nathalie teugels moov chair designboomsteel cantilever



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