fashion designer & artist eilat mashiah presents ‘growth’, a sustainable clothing series that expresses the hope for coexistence between humans and nature. combining both organic and synthetic materials, the project introduces garment developing techniques that can be used by anyone at home, while encouraging people to acknowledge nature as the origin of life. 

growth 4
all images by kseny kolesnik, ariel shalev



the project expresses mashiah‘s ambition to create a coexisting life between humans and nature. according to the designer, when nature and humans become one symbiotic system, that merge provides mental freedom and serenity. therefore, the sustainable ‘growth’ series aims to simulate this very coexistence between the biosphere and human culture.

growth 3



eilat mashiah has developed two main techniques in order to complete the collection. the first one involves a natural material that the designer brew and cooked herself, before smearing it on synthetic nets. meanwhile, the second one includes sprout growth on a natural platform where the roots are embroidered through the synthetic mesh and merged as one. the purpose of both approaches is to enable everyone to use them at home. 

growth 7



the natural materials that were used for the project include agar & chia or tapioca, rice papers, and recycle paper seeds. using these elements, mashiah has brewed different new recipes, cooking them until boiling point, then applying the resulting concoctions on synthetic nets and letting them dry. for the synthetic nets, the designer has chosen tulle fabric, used stockings, PVC nets, and rock wool. as far as the second technique is concerned, amaranthos, wheatgrass, and micro-radish sprouts were cultivated with the help of drip irrigation systems. 

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project info:


name: growth
designer: eilat mashiah
mentor: claudette zorea
models: neomi aizenberg, tali gordon, alex ben ami, sonny
bezalel academy for art and design



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