natuzzi italia‘s the circle of harmony collection is a search for balance and perfection. it seeks to define an ecosystem of design that displays a homage to beauty, inclusiveness, and the comparison between different creative interpretations of the renowned made-in-puglia brand. as such, the theme welcomes eight designers including marcantonio, claudio bellini, nika zupanc, maurizio manzoni, BYBORRE, mauro lipparinipaola navone, and fabio novembre. the results blend the character of their designer with ethics, aesthetics, style, function, colors and materials true to natuzzi italia. these range from sofas to modular seating systems and from beds to table, lamps, and even a specific upholstery textile.


as a first collaboration, italian sculptor marcantonio turns his hand in the world of design as he creates the natuzzi italia infinito sofa. designboom travelled to the brand’s home in puglia to find our more about the design, process, and its relationship in the circle of harmony.

marcantonio sculpts natuzzi infinito sofa for the circle of harmony
all images courtesy of natuzzi italia



as a sculptor, I am very proud of this piece,marcantonio tells to is abstract, not just because of the line and curves, but as a strong symbol of our common sense. it seems very simple but it has great meaning. the shape of infinity has been transformed into something very comfortable. the surfaces continuously change, shifting from the seat into the backrest and vice-versa. this aspect is very beautiful as it gives a constantly motion to the piece.


the natuzzi italia infinito sofa, designed by marcantonio, takes inspiration from its namesake, the infinity symbol. it is seen as one of the most powerful shapes from the collective imagination. the mathematical symbol has been transformed into a three-dimensional and highly sculptural form, where its body becomes a continuous piece.

marcantonio sculpts natuzzi infinito sofa for the circle of harmony



the sofa does, though, unite form and function. its continuously undulating body shifts from seat to backrest and back again to bring maximum comfort to the user, combining softness and support. in the home interior, the piece stands solidly in its space while maintaining the designer’s desired sculptural aesthetic. it is perfect as a centerpiece or as a corner seat.


three people can sit on one side and on the other, but at the point where the seat becomes the backrest, a user can lie down as it is so long. it adds a different element to the sofa, as users can face each other in all directions. the possibilities are endless. and this creates a nice circularity where lots of people can be together and embrace,’ explains the sculptor.

marcantonio sculpts natuzzi infinito sofa for the circle of harmony



to form its infinity shape, the piece underlines the brand’s strong propensity for innovation as well as the dedication and expertize of their craftsmen. a metal tubular structure defines its unmistakable continuous form. elastic polyurethane padding of varying density then surrounds it. non-slip feet rest underneath hidden from view to create a seemingly singular form.

marcantonio sculpts natuzzi infinito sofa for the circle of harmony



the piece can be upholstered in many, many materials but, due to its particular shape, leather was not one.’ marcantonio continues to add, ‘we need to keep a clean appearance. with the BYBORRE fabric, the beauty is that it is not irregular. and so the perfect elastic fabric fits the shape of the sofa exactly.


the natuzzi italia infinito sofa is upholstered in a brand new textile, called the water collection, designed by BYBORRE. the dutch textile studio was inspired by the movement of the waves of the mediterranean sea as well as threats facing these waters. as such, the yarn is made from a combination of high-quality wool and recycled PES. the result, available in a choice of five colors, matches and strengthens the image of endless motion of marcantonio’s sculptured sofa.

marcantonio sculpts natuzzi infinito sofa for the circle of harmony



it is a big occasion to work with natuzzi italia because I love puglia. it was also a big challenge because it is the first piece natuzzi and I created together. I wanted to bring a specific craziness of creativity to the brand, and we achieved this,concludes marcantonio.



product info:


brand: natuzzi italia

collection: the circle of harmony

design: infinito

designer: marcantonio