a new ecosystem of design is found with natuzzi italia‘s the circle of harmony collection. the concept pays tribute to the beauty, inclusiveness, and inherent craftsmanship of the famed made-in-puglia brand, but it does so with a fresh reinterpretation. eight designers – marcantonio, claudio bellini, nika zupanc, maurizio manzoni, BYBORRE, mauro lipparinipaola navone, and fabio novembre – merge their unique creativity with the core values of natuzzi italia in a series of new designs, which range from modular soft seating to mirrors, lamps, and even a three-dimensional upholstery. the results find a perfect balance of classic and contemporary, staying true to natuzzi italia’s ideas of style, sustainability, and a comfortable lifestyle.


with the natuzzi italia new classic, fabio novembre looks to reinterpret the sofa – and even the brand – in a contemporary tone. designboom travelled to the brand’s home in puglia to find our more about the design, process, and its relationship in the circle of harmony.

fabio novembre reinterprets the sofa archetype with the natuzzi new classic
all images courtesy of natuzzi italia



I was born in lecce, 100km from where natuzzi italia is based in puglia. natuzzi italia has always been in my eyes since I was a kid. it is the image of classicity. that is what founder pasquale natuzzi was trying to achieve for the world – an italian idea of classicity,’ begins fabio novembre to designboom.


paying close attention to detail as they achieve their renowned ‘made in italy’ craftsmanship, natuzzi italia has always focused on delivering comfort in form, style and tactility. however, the roots of the brand has always been intertwined with experimentation. innovations in shape and technology has always been delivered whilst being faithful to tradition.

fabio novembre reinterprets the sofa archetype with the natuzzi new classic



this is how the natuzzi italia new classic sofa, designed by fabio novembre, fits with their philosophy. as the first collaboration with the brand, the design draws inspiration from the most classic of couches – the chester. it does so whilst reinterpreting it in a contemporary tone.


although pasquale junior [natuzzi italia creative director] and I have been friends for over 10 years, this was our first collaboration together. I immediately said we should try and make something that is a new classic. this idea can only be found if you have been around natuzzi italia [the original idea of classicity] before. here, we are twisting the idea in a contemporary way,’ explains the designer.

fabio novembre reinterprets the sofa archetype with the natuzzi new classic



the new classic sofa distinguishes a harmonious intersection of round and square shapes, where a set of volumes overlap to create generous dimensions. a padded roller delimits the entire upper section and helps create the armrests and backrest. the square, minimal seat then ends in the base, although this is softened by metal tubes lining its side. the resulting form invites users for moments of relaxation.

fabio novembre reinterprets the sofa archetype with the natuzzi new classic



if you visit the natuzzi italia factory, everything they do is a very natural process,’ explains novembre as he discusses the sustainability of the new classic. ‘even the leather is produced by the brand so that they can control the quality and sustainability. that means this sofa will die in peace. that is really what the circularity of life is for the design. it is about the balance of life and death.


the new classic sofa can adorn either leather or fabric versions. however, quite uniquely, the design can be upholstered in a double covering that combines the two materials. a textile insert covers the backrest and armrests whereas leather dresses the structure and seat. the result heightens the contemporary details of the design.

fabio novembre reinterprets the sofa archetype with the natuzzi new classic



product info:


brand: natuzzi italia

collection: the circle of harmony

designs: new classic

designer: fabio novembre