charles kalpakian returns to milan design week 2016 with an evolution of the ‘2tubes’ lighting system. to extend the nemo collection, the lebanese designer created a suspended ‘3tubes’ design. charles kalpakian 3tube designboom
all images courtesy of charles kalpakian



influenced by the graphical shape of ‘X Y Z’ axes, the three dimensions overlap to offer a new vision of the product line. the suspended lamps use three asymmetric prongs that produce a diffused yet precise illumination on any surface. charles kalpakian studio decided the finish the ‘3tubes’ in white or white with copper details. be sure to see charles kalpakian’s optical illusion formed rocky shelves and middle east furniture collection

charles kalpakian 3tube designboom nemo-charles-kalpakian-3tubes-lighting-system-designboom-04 nemo-charles-kalpakian-3tubes-lighting-system-designboom-05 nemo-charles-kalpakian-3tubes-lighting-system-designboom-06
‘3tubes’ suspended at the nemo flagship store

kalpakian used three-axes to overlap each tube

concept drawing

charles kalpakian with the ‘3tubes’ lighting system


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