orgatec 2016: designed by japanese studio nendo, the alias ‘okome’ furniture system was on show at the bergamo-based company’s stand at the orgatec 2016 fair. the upholstered collection announces the brand’s entrance into the living-contract working environment, where fresh, refined and group creativity is required. referencing the natural shapes of pebbles smoothed by water, the family of seats and backs are characterized by its wide angles and soft, rounded forms.

the natural forms of the system was sourced from the shapes of water-smoothed pebbles
image courtesy of alias design



with a total of nine different configurations, the alias ‘okome’ combines various elements together to meet specific demands of the office and home environments. ranging from single seats to full sofa sets, the conformations are suited for a variety of uses and situations like waiting rooms, impromptu meetings and private communication zones. with the multiple arrangements of the systems, nendo has created unique sets that can be easily managed for different spaces.

the sets are covered in kavdrat fabrics
image courtesy of alias design



made from a wood structure, the furniture features a layer of memory foam in order to retain its shape, and is covered in upholstery. alongside the seats and sofas, the ‘okome’ system is enhanced by a range of complementary items. these include; an attractive pouf which can double as another seat; a practical table made from stove enameled steel and MDF; and the table cable which is a pouf that encloses a container within.

memory foam ensures comfort whilst retaining the furniture’s form
image courtesy of alias design


the ‘okome’ system at alias’ stand at the orgatec 2016
image © designboom


the furniture system can include complimentary additions
image © designboom


tables and poufs can join the furniture arrangements
image © designboom


oki sato sitting on the ‘okome’ sofa
image courtesy of alias design