nendo has collaborated with italian furniture company alias to produce the ‘twig’ chair series. the collection features the option to interchange the seat with different styles of arm rests, back and material. alias is recognized for using aluminium in their products which is the reason for the base to be fabricated from metal, thus forming a chair comprised of four aluminium ‘twigs’ and a seat.

a number of different shapes and sitting experiences are achieved by fitting these units onto the four legs
all images by akihiro yoshida




with this creative option, different shapes and materials can be used to cater to the person’s needs. from the choice of wood, plastic or fabric, the unit is fitted by slotting the seat onto the four legs and creating a T-shape. furthermore, when the upper portion taken off, the white frame that is left can be stacked and stored away. the alias twig chair was showcased at the japanese designer’s retrospective during this year’s milan design week. 

choices for seat material include wood, plastic, and fabric

the chair uses a white, aluminium base

the five different options which all has the same base

when the upper section is removed, this leaves the base which can be stacked

close up of the timber detailing, smooth edges of the design

five upper portion unit variations feature differing shapes, colors, and materials

the idea was to create a chair made of four aluminium “twigs” and a seat

the ‘twig’ series on display at nendo’s exhibition during milan design week 2015
image © designboom