‘bamboo steel table’ by nendo for han gallery all images © masayuki hayashi

japanese design group nendo has adapted taiwanese craft techniques, translating them into a contemporary furniture piece entitled ‘bamboo steel stool’, developed for han gallery. the properties of the thin steel strips of metal from which it is made allows the weaving method, typically used to form baskets and containers, to be explored at a larger scale. the traditional hexagon pattern, usually executed in natural fiber, improves the strength of the product through the overlapping triangular forms it creates. instead of cutting notches into the wood and then bending the material which is often seen in bamboo furniture, this table uses another technique where vertically sliced pieces are woven upwards and outwards to form the table’s legs and top, creating a seamless connection. first, this was tried on bamboo before the same method was applied with steel strips. by changing the material, nendo brings the design into an urban context while offering more structural stability. 

nendo: bamboo steel table for han gallery the legs of the structure transform into the flat surface  L: 70 H x 60 W cm (28 H x 24 W inches) S: 45 H x 45 W cm (18 H x 18 W inches)

nendo: bamboo steel table for han gallery thin strips of of metal are handwoven to form the legs and tabletop of the design

nendo: bamboo steel table for han gallery detail of steel weaving