when surveying the pet products industry, nendo studio realized a majority are exceedingly round and vibrant and aren’t often well suited for minimalist interior spaces that include subdued shades or linear furniture. realizing this, nendo designed a fresh set of pet creations with a variety of different functions that underline compatibility in today’s contemporary rooms. 

the nendo dog house
all images courtesy of akihiro yoshida



designed for japanese brand by | n, the dog house consists of two pieces that form a cube. the upper and lower parts connect together using a zipper which allow for different color variations to suit both the dog and owner. when detached, the ‘roof’ can be compressed down so it can use as a bed. this isn’t nendo’s first dog project – in 2013, the studio designed a three-piece dog accessory collection called ‘heads or tails’. 


the by | n series also consists of a toy, food bowl and ball.

the roof can be scrunched into a bed for sleeping 

the square opening matches the same proportions of the outer cube 

the house comes in four different colors 

the upper and lower parts combine using a zipper system 

with different colors, owners can variate themes