usually its cooking utensils such as pots and frying pans that have handles, not tableware. however, nendo wanted to give plates and bowls new functions so that they are easier to carry when hot, and can be conveniently stored on the wall by a hook. 

nendo by n totte plate designboom
the ‘totte-plate’ designs sees a handle integrated into tableware
all images by akihiro yoshida



his ‘totte-plate’ for by | n aims to do just these things by offering a renewed way of using dishes, providing a strong sense of security in the kitchen when handling food. nendo’s line-up consists of round plates and bowls, each available in three sizes and five different colors.

nendo by n totte plate designboom
‘totte-plate’ bowl
the handle makes it easier to transport hot food to the table

‘totte-plate’ is designed for nendo’s personal brand by | n
profile view of the ‘totte-plate’ designs
the various designs nestle easily into one another
the different typologies of the ‘totte-plate’
the ‘totte-plate’ comes in five different colors
nendo_totte-plate_designboom_011 nendo_totte-plate_designboom_012
totte plate by nendo designboom
handle detail
the integrated handle makes the ‘totte-plate’ easy to hang on the wall for convenient storage