‘dark noon collection’ by nendo all photos by hiroshi iwasaki nendo: dark noon watches

japanese studio nendo has designed ‘dark noon’, a series of five different timepieces for danish watch company noon. the design of the disks and dials were made using the company’s disk system employed in their limited edition ‘no. 17’ watch. most of noon’s collection uses multi-colored semi-transparent disks creating bright, ever-changing patterns as they move across each other. in contrast to the vibrant selection, these pieces use black faces and white lines accented with gold to express time differently than most chronometer watches. each hand-watch is distinct aesthetically and mechanically.

nendo: dark noon watches‘times’: a watch with twelve small faces where miniature watch hands revolve to tell the time

nendo: dark noon watches‘numbers’:  separated parts meet exactly at 3, 6, 9 adn 12pm in which the numbers become fully visible

nendo: dark noon watches ‘gears’: parts connect and look like the cogs in a clock

nendo: dark noon watches ‘numbers’: hour and minute hands are both expressed in dotted lines, creating a solid line when they cross

nendo: dark noon watches back view of the watch