milan design week 2017: nendo‘s ‘gaku’ design for flos is a modular box which can be used to construct multiple living arrangements. the design aims to act as a small room which can be alternated through the addition of complementary accessories including lamps, bowls, vases, and a tray which are held in place by magnets.

gaku nendo floss designboom 1



the concept of an interior was proposed by nendo for the ‘gaku’ collection for flos, so that the viewer can assemble their own format. accessories include an adjustable light pendent which hangs down inside the box, while a second design features non-contact charging functionality to power a matching spot or luminescent lamp. settings include a mode during which they are turned on when sitting on the charging dock and turned off when moved away so that the location of the lighting itself serves as a power switch. the overall design reduces every element down to a basic form which again reflects the studio’s strive towards functionality and simplicity. 

gaku nendo floss designboom 2 gaku nendo floss designboom 3 gaku nendo floss designboom 5 GAKU_Nendo-floss-designboom-9 GAKU_Nendo-floss-designboom-8 GAKU_Nendo-floss-designboom-7 GAKU_Nendo-floss-designboom-6 GAKU_Nendo-floss-designboom-5

GAKU_Nendo-floss-designboom-3gaku-nendo-floss-designboom-4 gaku-nendo-floss-designboom-10 gaku-nendo-floss-designboom-11