nendo‘s ‘flow’ collection for alias is characterised by its additional container which appears to drop below the surface of the object. the series which consists of a table, vase, shelf, and smaller coffee table presents a seamless fusion between both components which can hold something on top or within. 

nendo-flow-alias-designboom 01



the contrast between the geometric and rigid structures against the softness of the containers creates a harmonious blend between opposing elements. the unified family present a series of volumes which can be complimented by the addition of extra objects. the collection by nendo for alias is available in various sizes as well as different shades including white, gray and gray graphite. 

nendo-flow-alias-designboom 02 nendo-flow-alias-designboom 03

nendo-flow-alias-designboom 04

nendo-flow-alias-designboom 05nendo-flow-alias-designboom 06 nendo-flow-alias-designboom 07 nendo-flow-alias-designboom 08 nendo-flow-alias-designboom 08