‘forest spoon’ by nendo

spoons are a very utilitarian tool, meant for eating, but with their design, japanese studio nendo has created something that also adds some visual fun to the kitchen landscape when not in use.

typically used individually, nendo’s ‘forest spoon’ develops a new relationship between the eating utensil when brought together in multiples. when lying down as one piece, ‘forest spoon’ looks like a single tree. when grouped as multiples in a bowl, cup or simply laid on the counter, the spoons form a little forest.

nendo: forest spoon each individual spoon appears as a single tree

designed for coco ichibanya, the japan-wide curry chain restaurant, ‘forest spoon’ is intended for the establishment’s annual ‘grandmother curry’ campaign – on now until february 28th, 2011 – in which 100,000 lucky customers win curry spoons through a lottery.

nendo: forest spoon a single ‘forest spoon’