nendo highlights wood turning technique with lacquerware lump collection
all photos by akihiro yoshida




nendo has designed three new pieces ‘lump-bowl’, ‘lump-cup’, and ‘lump-plate’ for urushi kobo oshima, a traditional lacquer workshop founded in 1909 in japan’s ishikawa prefecture, known for their mastery of the distinctive techniques of regional yamanaka lacquerware and specialty of wood turning. for the lacquerware lump collection of tableware, nendo heighten users’ awareness of the particular tactile qualities of the natural material in their hands, enlarging and rounding the objects’ base so that that they must cradle the bases in their hands, rather than supporting them. each of the pieces’ exterior is also naturally finished, showing off the physical properties of the grain. highlighting these tangible attributes further is colored matte lacquer painted inside. both the chromatic and material differences create a contrast in surface that brings out the richness and appeal of the wooden medium.


vibrantly colored matte paint lines the interior of the vessels


‘lump-bowl’ and ‘lump-cup’


a detail of the contrast between the wooden material and lacquer


the series of ‘lump-plates’


the collection of tableware items