‘transparent table’ by nendo all photos by masayuki hayashi

japanese design studio nendo presents ‘textured transparencies’ at milan design week 2011 at galleria jannone. the collection of four new pieces include tables and lights, exploring levels of transparency infinite nuances – not full transparency that seeks to disappear visually, but partial transparency that exists in gradations in the space between transparent and opaque. each of the pieces are constructed from different materials and point to the possibility of new functions and visual effects in furniture.

nendo: textured transparencies detail of black ‘transparent table’

for the ‘transparent table’, nendo cast clear acrylic in a wooden form exhibiting a strong grain resulting in ‘transparent wood’, assembled to create a table.  they treated the acrylic pieces exactly like the natural material, bevelling their edges like floorboards, matching grain ends and dimensions of the wood to create a unified piece.

the two tables have specific and optical effects. at first glance one appears black, and much like wood, but upon closer inspection, reveals transparency. while on the other hand, the clear table is transparent at first, but only revealing its wooden form later.

nendo: textured transparencies ‘transparent table’ (clear)

nendo: textured transparencies up close

nendo: textured transparencies details of the ‘wood grain’

nendo: textured transparencies ‘transparent light’

with nendo’s ‘transparent light’, the shade itself appears transparent, however when the bulb is light an opaqueness results, creating a large white mass at the lamp’s centre.

nendo: textured transparencies ‘transparent light’