‘top-tea set’ by nendo

during milan design week 2012, japanese design studio nendo presents a solo exhibition of ‘1% products‘, whereby each product on show will only be made available in editions of 100 – the perfect amount. not really considered to be ‘works of art’ or mass manufactured objects, the collection focuses on the skills of the artisans and new technologies used for producing them. the idea behind this is that each owner has the opportunity to enjoy and posses 1% of a larger series because that is all that exists of each – 100. not more, not less. 

nendo: top tea set teapot

five different tableware items will be made and presented under this notion of owning 1%, including the ‘top-tea set’. the teapot and cups feature a thick wooden lid which provides good insulation to keep tea warm, fitting snuggly within the white porcelain vessel. this cap has a pointed center which condenses steam into liquid, directing it back into the teapot instead of dripping down the sides as is the case with many teapots. when the top is removed, it can be spun, offering some tabletop amusement during tea time.

nendo: top tea set top view

nendo: top tea set the wooden lid can be removed and spun like a top

nendo: top tea set tea cup

nendo: top tea set spinning wooden lid