for the 2016 edition of collective design fair in new york, japanese studio nendo has realized a furniture series and spatial presentation for the entrance of the main exhibition hall. named ‘the trace collection’, the animated pieces reference the movement of objects seen in our daily activities including furniture, doors and windows.


‘although they may not be visible, we are subconsciously aware of the ‘traces’ of their movements every day.’ explains oki sato of nendo. ‘for example, because of that, we do not put a vase in front of a door. it is essential for a person who specializes in space design to be even more aware of this, as they have to portray these ‘traces’ onto drawings.’

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this idea has led to the creation of a number of ‘containers’ or cabinets with a distinctive black frame that highlights the many possibilities of shutting, sliding and pulling actions there can be. ‘a new relationship between items and human beings is being pursued through the visualization of the numerous ‘traces’ that we feel within our everyday lives’.


the ‘trace’ furniture collection by nendo is presented from may 4 – 8 at collective design fair in new york. 







installation view of the ‘trace’ cabinets at collective design fair 2016 
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the collection depicts different opening and closing movements the container can produce
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a distinctive black frame highlights the many possibilities of action
image © designboom

nendo highlights the subconscious movements we enact with furniture every day
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the spacial installation is presented in the main entrace hall of collective design fair 
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