‘hyphae lamps’ by nervous system

continuing to mimick natural processes and patterns, american design duo nervous system (jessica rosenkrantz and jesse louis-rosenberg) have created a new series of algorithmically generated lighting designs: the 3D-printed hyphae lamp is individually grown through a method based on leaf vein formations.

the lamps are grown using a custom design software that nervous system created in C++ using CGAL and cinder. each one starts from a base volume and a set of root points; the structures emerging through an interactive process as the roots grow into an auxin filled environment. the system is optimized to produce designs for manufacturing by selective laser sintering. they capitalize both on 3D-printing’s ability to create complex organic forms. no two lamps are alike, each casting a unique pattern of branching shadows on the wall and ceiling. the lamps are to order in nylon and illuminated with a set of 3 LED lights that use a total of 3.6W of electricty. the estimated lifetime of the light is over 50,000 hours or almost the equivalent of 6 years of continuous use.

growth process video animation by nervous system / music by scion eidolon

nervous system: hyphae lamp

various patterns create different branching shadows on the wall and ceiling.

nervous system: hyphae lamp details of the patternnervous system: hyphae lamp close-up of the 3D printed lamp

nervous system: hyphae lampvarious branching patterns

the video shows the growth process diagram in 2D