top image: two point poster, 100x70cm



muirmcneil have released four new geometric typeface systems together with the publication of a limited edition of corresponding typographic posters.


following text from muirmcneil:


paul klee famously said that drawing was ‘taking a line for a walk’ but nowadays we exercise dots in exactly the same way. almost all contemporary media are assembled from tiny static points in increasing volume and at increasingly microscopic sizes. sophisticated software programmes trace our smallest gestures, ideas and decisions in intricate arrangements of binaries, off or on, on or off. dots cluster tightly together in massive formations, hiding in plain sight to create spectacular illusions of images, words, objects, motion and sound.


two point poster – details



there are four typefaces within the system, each available in extensive variations and subcomponent versions which can be used for the development of unique design outputs.


twopoint is a monospaced geometric type system based on early dot matrix and led display lettering.


threepoint is a system of three-dimensional display typefaces designed in four viewpoints or projections. it is a dot-based development of muirmcneil’s 2013 panopticon system.


fourpoint is an optical/geometric type system that explores the relationships between scale, density, information and resolution.


tenpoint is a modular type system that attempts to locate typographic objects at the lowest limit of their function as vehicles of communication; to use the fewest dots.



threepoint poster, 100x70cm


three point poster – details



the typefaces in each system are designed to interact with one another, offering a wide range of visual possibilities. using page layout, bitmap or vector design software, the user can apply selected styles either in precisely interlocking layers or in easily calibrated offset overlays. outlines, tints, colours, textures, patterns and transparencies can be applied as appropriate. these features provide an enormous number of opportunities when working in print and fixed media. they are also particularly useful in motion graphics where their precise layering and calibration allows perfect control over positions and transitions.


fourpoint poster, 100x70cm



fourpoint poster – details



the series of four large-format silkscreened posters featured here have been published in glorious black-and-white to accompany each typeface system. muirmcneil’s website, provides extensive information on their design background and development.



tenpoint poster, 100x70cm


tenpoint poster – details



typeface licenses and posters are available for purchase here.