the winner of the new packaging is ‘power button’ by luis acosta




designboom previously wrote an article on the NYC condom competition, hosted by the city of new york’s department of health and mental hygiene, asking new yorkers to design a special edition wrapper for the prophylactic. out of almost 600 entries, the panel of judges consisting of local artists, advertising professionals, public health and social-marketing experts chose five finalists which they felt captured new york city’s spirit.

new official NYC condom package ‘power button’ by luis acosta first place winner




after more than 15, 000 online ballots made through NYC condom’s facebook page and the health department’s website, the winning entry is luis acosta’s ‘power button’ which received more than 23% of the votes. acosta’s design which depicts an electronic power button on the condom package, is meant to symbolize new yorkers’ power to take control and practice safer sex. the winning design will grace the wrapper of a special limited edition of the NYC condom which will be unveiled in fall of 2010.


‘I hope my package design reminds people that they’re in control. we have all the power to protect ourselves from sexually transmitted infections, HIV / AIDS and unplanned pregnancies.’ – luis acosta


here’s a look at the runner’s up:

new official NYC condom package

‘top hat’ by russell greenberg second place winner

new official NYC condom package ‘circle of condoms’ by yujin lee third place winner

new official NYC condom package ‘manhole cover’ by virgil laderson fourth place winner

new official NYC condom package ‘train’ by gene lambert fifth place winner