new point knives: a safer kitchen knife
new point knives: a safer kitchen knife
jun 15, 2009

new point knives: a safer kitchen knife

UK industrial designer john cornock created a safer knife to help prevent fatal stabbing wounds. the idea for the knife came after cornock heard about a possible ban on pointed kitchen knives to combat the UK’s high stabbing rate. he first began his design in 2005 and has since refined the idea to create the first commercially available safer kitchen knives. cornock experimented with over 40 unique tip shapes, settling on a round one with a small notch. the round design makes the blade blunt and the notch is intended to snag on clothing or skin to slow the blade in case of stabbing. the design continues to function as a kitchen knife and even helps to prevent accidental injuries. the patented design has been tested with very favourable results.

new point knives: a safer kitchen knife

new point knives: a safer kitchen knife

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  • dude those dont look anti stab at all lol you could easily stab with those

  • People sharpen pieces of metal in prison in no time at all. Are you going to outlaw metal files at the hardware and hobby stores too? How about screwdrivers and icepicks? Amazing. You really don’t know much about killing people with edged weapons do you urbane stepford wives Brits?

    Normal nonenglish gent
  • It is true, I realised that by turning the blade up, the knife stabs easier, in and out the microwave meal-packs.
    Using a fork is advised, but I still need to slash the top off.

    Why should some cable bows be up-side down? It is better to mimic the knukles.

  • no point knives..! you could still slash someone with this. its not a design fault, it is a human mentality.


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