‘new simplicity’ brompton design district, london july 24th – august 8th, 2010

‘pango jumping jack horse’ by mathias hahn

the digital age has offered new opportunities to designers, and the ‘new simplicity’ exhibition highlights the advances brought on by rapid manufacturing. this includes everyday items made from the least number of pieces as possible as many designers in the exhibition respond to a current trend towards frugality and a return to basics in a climate of economic uncertainty. where the one-off limited edition once prevailed, designers and consumers are now searching for simplicity with quality, a desire to create and own products that are enduring, functional and simple.

the design concept for the exhibition takes its cue from the way in which we interact with daily objects. everything has its place and its own utilitarian value. for instance, things ‘sit’, ‘stand’ on floors and tables, and ‘rest’ against walls. thus, the products are placed or suspended against a series of datums, at the height at which we would expect to interact with them.

new simplicity exhibition x-ray version

this x-ray version of ‘pango jumping jack horse’ by german born, london based product designer mathias hahn‘s shows the movement of the horse, which is triggered by pulling the chain. the image also reveals how a toy – that is usually complicated to assemble – can be made in one go, as well as become 3D in shape by using rapid manufacturing technologies.

new simplicity exhibition ‘folding plug’ by min-kyu choi

korean designer min kyu choi‘s ‘folding plug’ was the award winner of the brit insurance design award 2010. for more information, read designboom’s previous coverage of the ‘folding plug’ here.

new simplicity exhibition ‘climate station’ by thomas wagner

new simplicity exhibition ‘radiator’ by thomas wagner

new simplicity exhibition ‘while you sleep’ by oscar diaz

‘while you sleep’ by spanish born, london based product designer oscar diaz is a system that groups keys together using a clipping mechanism.

new simplicity exhibition

new simplicity exhibition

new simplicity exhibition

users can scan their key, choose a head type and send the data to the manufacturer to create a customized ‘while you sleep’ key set.

new simplicity exhibition ‘clamp-able lamp’ by jon harrison

‘clamp-able lamp’ by UK designer jon harrison is comprised of four components. each is built a fraction of a millimetre away from the other. once removed from the machine, they are converted into one moving, adjustable mechanism which does not need to be assembled and cannot be dismantled.

new simplicity exhibition

new simplicity exhibition ‘boxed up dish rack’ by jochem faudet

new simplicity exhibition ‘fast track system’ by oscar diaz

new simplicity exhibition ‘self assembly torch’ by alex hulme

‘self assembly torch’ by industrial designer alex hulme is one piece torch which can be assembled with an LED, batteries and one pence. the moulding is made possible via rapid manufacturing process.

new simplicity exhibition front view

new simplicity exhibition left: a copper penny facilitates contact at the base of the torch. right:  LED pins are bent into contact with the batteries

new simplicity exhibition installation view of ‘new simplicity’ exhibition