‘anti-theft bike/car device’ 2007

we have featured the work of dominic wilcox a few times before. the designer always skirts the line between art and design with his unique, often humorous objects. he has added a few new pieces to his collection, including the ‘anti-theft bike/car device’. the device is a collection of stickers meant to simulate rust spots or gashes on the vehicle’s finish. however dominic warns, ‘this anti-theft device is not guaranteed to work in any way’. some of his earlier work also demonstrates his personal design vision.

new work by dominic wilcox
‘nose light’ 2004, the artist inserts an led into his nose.

new work by dominic wilcox ‘switch’ 1996, an on/off switch is attached to the artist’s head.

new work by dominic wilcox

‘the glove’ 2003, a glove made using a cast of dominic wilcox’s hand.

via chris glass