‘longcou’ by niels van hoof

questioning why desk lights always have a direct light, niels vanhoof, a graduate of the design academy eindhoven, devloped ‘longcou’, a large lamp which holds a prominent place on one’s desktop, surrounding you with light from above. the form is draws from van hoof’s preference of working with globe-shaped lights which tend to give a softer luminescence. the lighting unit has a clamp, allowing one to mount it to almost any table, and is made entirely from stainless steel.

niels van hoof: longcou detailing

niels van hoof: longcou stainless steel lampshade

niels van hoof: longcou possible installation

niels van hoof: longcou each features a clamp which can be mounted to almost any table

niels van hoof: longcou the welded components