composed of individual squared compartments, nika zupanc‘s ‘longing cabinet’ makes a direct reference to traditional sideboards where candies and special treats were locked away from children. through a selection of de castelli copper finishes, the piece asserts a unique novelty by capturing the vintage charm and grandeur of old dining room buffets. 

nika zupanc longing cabinet de castelli designboom 01



nika zupanc aimed to entice a touch of desire by complimenting the furniture piece with a series of keys crafted in heart shaped and floral forms. this feature provides an extra embellishment to the cabinet, provoking both a sense of mystery and discovery.


‘consider the credenza, much-loved yet inexplicably misplaced. an assemblage of small, very personal lockers, each with its own key, and each keeping its very own secret, secret desire, just out of reach. an homage of meticulous metalwork dressed in radiant coppers, an intuitive collaborative effort designed to take full marvellous advantage of de castelli’s rich range of immaculate metal finishes. because longing has many names – but all come from the same sacred place. put it in the safe and lock it.’ nika zupanc

nika zupanc longing cabinet de castelli designboom 02

nika zupanc longing cabinet de castelli designboom 03