nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 001
nika zupanc wraps up a whimsical parade of furniture products for qeeboo + GHIDINI1961




nika zupanc is one of a select group of illustrious designers chosen to develop objects for qeeboo — a next generation design brand created by stefano giovannoni whose aim is to produce affordable, emotionally charged, injection moulded plastic furniture and objects for the masses. a romantic, democratic and unconventional adventure the design world most definitely needs.

nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 003
‘ribbon’ chair



there’s something deviously daring in the controlled prettiness of the ‘ribbon’ chair. all of the connotative expectations that a bow has to live up to – that of a surprise, a gift, a devotional gesture – are unveiled in pure injection moulded plastic. it’s a sitting situation for those heroic enough to wear their heart neatly on their sleeve, and comes wrapped up in three colors: discrete black, immaculate white and dust pink. 

nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 002
‘ribbon’ chair profile
nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 004
‘cherry’ lamp




with its dangerous curves, the ‘cherry’ lamp pendant is the ultimate instrument of seduction. originally hand-blown in precious glass, zupanc’s luscious luminary now gets an explicitly glossy plastic little sister expressed in a number of colors. exuding a special pop refinement, a flirtatious body and plenty of attitude, the modular assembly can be imagined to include all the sweet cherries one might desire – start with one, and pluck more as required. qeeboo’s cherry is most wanted and calm.
nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 005
‘cherry’ lamp in black nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 007
‘daisy’ lamp




planted one day by a flirtatious fairy, the ‘daisy’ lamp turns its most radiant love-awakening spotlight on you. the ‘loves me, loves me not’ rendez-vous is now transformed into an egalitarian highlighter, putting the sparkle back in the crowd’s covetous eye. coming in six different glossy pastel shades, its adjustable petals allows you to stream the light directly on the true object of your affection. let the love shine through!
nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 006
the petals of the ‘daisy’ lamp can be adjusted, allowing you to direct the lightnika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 008
the ‘daisy’ lamp comes in a range of glossy pastel colors, perfect for flowers in full bloom

nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 010
‘X’ chair




in its original rendition, the ‘X’ chair fueled our imagination with floral upholstery in full spring bloom. now its injection-moulded construction has been stripped down to its ultimate, bare expression of all that is ‘X’. the design can be dressed or undressed, changed or kept forever the same. alongside the chair, the ‘X’ table, complete with an extension mechanism and the choice of two different tabletops in wood or plastic, compels us to confront all that needs to be brought to the table. constructed in solid black plastic, the new ‘X’ collection always leaves much to be defined.



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nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 009
the ‘X’ chair boasts a host of seat and back fully customizable configurations  

nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 012
‘take me to miami’ by nika zupanc for ghidini 1961




and in a completely contrasting material, nika zupanc contributes a line of brass furniture to the newly established brand ghidini 1961, under the art direction of stefano giovannoni. ‘take me to miami’ is a call to remember how the colonial sun sank into the horizon of the modern. it is an ornamented escapade, a holiday the late modernists took to get those magic, untapped powers to do what they should have done the first time around back in the 50’s. naturally, the collection wouldn’t be nika zupanc’s without a proper injection of fantastical allure – a titillating triumph that turns the spirit of endless summer malaise into excitement, and distanced detachment into a visceral desire to shop, to have, to run your hands over exquisitely polished surfaces. sultry heat, palm trees and ocean views, all closely, deliciously controlled and according to script. available in four finishes – gold, silver, pink copper / rose gold and black nickel – these pieces instantly evoke stardust-spangled memories of exotic empires past.


nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 013
‘flamingo’ lamp




the vibrant stream of light coursing from the adjustable self-standing steel ‘flamingo’ lamp is all about brightening up even the coldest of corners. misjudgements, misguidance and misfits, they all disappear under the melting embrace of light.

nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 014
‘miami’ table





just when you’re feeling down, and a little bit battered or numbed by life in general, along comes a spectacularly shiny square-metre of table surface to put it all to rights. the ‘miami’ table is a perfectly mad place on which to produce the blueprint of your very individualism. nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 015
‘miami’ chair




the perfect partner to the table’s personal transformative power is the ‘miami’ chair. lightly push it back away from the desk, step in between the two objects and take a seat on the essence of simplicity, a chair stripped to its iconic form. ultimately you find yourself arranged, alight the peak of your super fabulous golden self. nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 016
‘twisted’ cherry jewelry box




fiasco. guilt. fear of love. the ‘twisted’ cherry jewelry box is a place to hide all the things you secretly desire yet are too scared to utter. the luscious things the perfect lover knows are never to be told. she dreams, she wonders, where to find this place. first she thinks heaven, then the beach; in the end she finds this place in twisted cherry.nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 017
‘sunset’ mirror




the ‘sunset’ mirror is a wall-mounted declaration of the true summer paradise scenario that lingers just below the surface of the present moment. the round 50-inch mirror is sunk into the graphic embrace of two palm fronds.nika zupanc qeeboo ghidini 1961 designboom 018
‘florida / glam / V.I.P.’ bowl



the sublime cast brass mass of ‘florida / glam / V.I.P.’ is all wrapped up, giving rise to an exquisite fruit bowl, and is something akin to the treasure found at the end of a rewarding peregrination. this flamboyant crucible embodies a bit of wit and whimsy, reminiscent of the days when serving was still a big deal and servants should have been covered in kisses. politics contained, this glam bowl is suitable only for strictly V.I.P. content. 


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