nike’s flyknit technology is lengths ahead in winning the patent race against adidas’ ‘primeknit’ to date. as apparent in any great sporting event, the competition has witnessed another dramatic moment, following adidas’ original failure to overturn their competitor’s patent in 2012. this time around, the german sporting-cum-lifestyle brand aims to once again challenge the patentability of the US company, appealing with the argument of obviousness.

NIKE flyknit technology patent once again legally challenged by adidas
all images courtesy of NIKE



first put on the market in february 2012, NIKE flyknit, consisting of a knitted shoe body, has adorned many of their following designs and is said to have brought in over $1 billion USD since. later that same year, adidas ‘primeknit’ entered the fray, whilst appealing that swoosh’s technology wasn’t inventive enough to secure a patent. this was initially dismissed by the US patent and trademark office in late 2012, but in november 2017, the german brand is back again to appeal to the US court of appeals, stipulating that anyone with a few years of experience in the footwear industry would know and use knitting to create shoes.


at present, it is not apparent how adidas’ ‘primeknit’ technology fits into the appeal to cancel NIKE’s flyknit technology patent, or if it will actually work. however, as they say, it ain’t over till the fat lady sings, and this legal lady is only just warming up her vocal chords.



source: bizjournals