NIKE + tama art university sneaker design
a barefoot-like sneaker, one of the concept products for nike designed by students of tama art university’s product design department

two shoes developed in a collaborative concept project between NIKE and the tama art university product design department
approach the technical development of new products with a sense of the needs and craftsmanship of tradition.
recently an annual phenomenon, the design workshop represents part of the company’s efforts
towards sustainability and community involvement.

NIKE + tama art university sneaker design
concept visualization of araki’s foot hugging sneaker design (whose prototype is depicted in the first picture of the article), which came from watching children play soccer barefoot

kosuke araki‘s redesign of NIKE’S sakkatoreningushuzu model is created as a protective but unintrusive option
for the thousands of city children that spend their days barefoot. in sports like soccer, having direct contact
between ball and foot increases the player’s ability to respond with specific muscles and actions,
but at an increased risk of injury. the shoe design is close-fitting, meant to almost stretch sock-like over the feet,
to retain this sensation of direct contact. the surface varies in thickness,
depending on where the most action and wear is likely to occur,
with a specially engineered inner surface to increase the rotation applied to the ball with a kick,
and a relatively flat outer edge to assist in catching.

NIKE + tama art university sneaker design
kasai takeshi’s pleated, foldable ‘nike pocket’ prototype

based on a pleated pattern, the ‘nike pocket’ shoe designed by kasai takeshi can be folded onto itself
to be carried easily in hand or pocket. the polypropylene material is flexible but durable, resistant to repeated bending.

NIKE + tama art university sneaker design
illustration of the shoe being expanded after folding and storage