today NIKE unveiled several new FREE shoes, including; FREE 2014 running collection, NIKE FREE trainer 5.0 2014, NIKE FREE 1.0 cross bionic, NIKE FREE hyperfeel cross elite and the NIKE FREE breathe and NIKE FREE OG – which see the original FREE shoe released ten years ago re-imagined with NIKE’s newest materials.




NIKE FREE Flyknit 3.0





2014 NIKE FREE running collection
makes a performance statement echoing those famous words from coach and NIKE co-founder bill bowerman. bowerman’s belief was that design should focus on the athlete’s body and movement. his convictions inspired a design philosophy around the concept of natural motion and sparked the idea for the paradigm-shattering NIKE FREE introduced in 2004.


hexagonal flex grooves – data gathered at NIKE’s sport research lab and insights from athletes helped inform NIKE’s first-ever outsole with a hexagonal flex-groove pattern, delivering multi-directional flexibility and helping enable the runner’s foot to move more FREEly in all directions.


anatomical shape – a more anatomically-shaped heel is designed to roll as the athlete’s foot hits the ground. this body-led approach to designing footwear focuses on mimicking the shape of the foot and aims to allow the foot and body to move more naturally.


NIKE flyknit technology – an ultra-light flyknit upper provides a supportive, contoured fit in the NIKE FREE 3.0 flyknit and FREE 4.0 flyknit. securing the foot over the low profile sole, the upper complements the flexibility of the NIKE FREE platform, allowing the foot to move more FREEly in all directions. NIKE flyknit technology enables designers to micro-engineer areas of stretch, support and breathability, and to seamlessly integrate NIKE flywire support where needed.




NIKE FREE Flyknit 3.0 – sole













NIKE FREE  5.0 sole




NIKE FREE  4.0 sole








NIKE FREE  4.0 sole





NIKE FREE  trainer 5.0





NIKE FREE trainer 5.0
evolved for modern cross training, the new NIKE FREE trainer 5.0 maximizes natural motion with fingerprint-inspired design’s training has evolved and so has the modern athlete. NIKE ushers in this new era of training with the new NIKE FREE trainer 5.0, designed to the specifications of athletes looking for a versatile, evolved training shoe.


designers crafted the new 2014 NIKE FREE trainer 5.0 with versatility across strength and cardio training top-of-mind. for the first time, the outsole features hexagonal flex grooves to help athletes move naturally and be more agile. an anatomically-shaped heel promotes greater control and the adaptive fit allows for a comfortable, customized lockdown fit.


at 9.9 ounces (men’s size 10) the shoe’s upper is lightweight without compromising strength and durability. it features a breathable upper composed of a fingerprint-inspired pattern. the shoe can be used for both indoor and outdoor training across multiple sports.





NIKE FREE  trainer 5.0 sole





NIKE FREE 1.0 cross bionic




the NIKE FREE 1.0 cross bionic and NIKE FREE hyperfeel cross elite
NIKE introduces a pair of revolutionary women’s training footwear offerings designed for high intensity training. high intensity training is all about versatility. the female athlete jumps, squats, pushes and pulls. each day is different. the only constant is sweat. this march, NIKE will introduce a pair of revolutionary footwear options designed to promote the balance, stability and flexibility mandated by high intensity training. the NIKE FREE 1.0 cross bionic is the first FREE 1.0 in NIKE history, and the NIKE FREE hyperfeel cross elite is the first women’s training offering to feature flyknit technology.




NIKE FREE 1.0 cross bionic sole





NIKE FREE hyperfeel cross elite




NIKE FREE hyperfeel cross elite sole




all of the shoes will be available to buy from from april 3rd, 2014



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