nilufar gallery celebrates the fifties at design miami/basel 2015
installation images courtesy of design miami




at design miami/basel 2015, milan-based nilufar gallery celebrates the fifties — a golden age in the history of design. masterpieces by gio ponti, franco albini and BBPR, celebrated for their clean lines and shapes, meet nordic illumination by hans agne jakobsson and alvar aalto, simultaneously working alongside sophisticated and significant pieces by lina bo bardi and gabriella crespi.

bamboo screens, paglia di vienna, rilievi and tracce low tables by osanna visconti di modrone at nilufar gallery booth




the gallery booth comprises a series of intimate display islands sited throughout the space, each which represent an ongoing research in the relationship between historical and contemporary design. the enclaves are organized atop richly-colored carpets from caturegli formica and enclosed by martino gamper and osanna visconti di modrone‘s screens.

tridente reclining armchairs by lina bo bardi

pl19 armchairs by franco albini +ranca helgm and virus collection carpet by beppe caturegli + giovannella formica

overview of nilufar gallery booth at design miami/basel 2015

nilufar gallery celebrates the 1950s for their presentation at the 2015 edition of design miami/basel




eleven large and medium-sized carpets comprise the entire ‘virus’ collection by beppe caturegli & giovannella formica. bacteria and viruses not only alter the physical and corporeal world, but extend their definition to computer programs, and can steal information and confidential plans. ‘CF V5’ displays a gumblar algorithm — a malicious javascript trojan horse file that redirects a user’s google searches, and then installs rogue security software. 

CF V5 – virus collection carpet by beppe caturegli & giovannella formica, kashmir, 2015
handknotted, silk

three PL19 armchairs by franco albini and franca helg, italy, 1957, manufactured by poggi
lacquered metal tubular frame composed of three sections:
seat, armrest and back three armchairs with latex-foam and not original white fur
designed for the nuove terme luigi zoja in salsomaggiore, italy / exhibited at the XII triennale of milan, 1960




the ‘tridente’ reclining armchair by lina bo bardi comprises a cabreuva wooden structural frame. bo bardi often used woods native to south-america, which she admired for their strength and organic aesthetic.

‘tridente’ reclining armchair by lina bo bardi, brazil, 1949 circa
caviuna wooden structure, not original upholstery 




the ‘presenze’ chair by nucleo is a testimony to the evolution of obsolete objects. the theme of the collection sees nineteenth-century baroque structures redesigned into minimalistic shapes, given a strong and bold aesthetic through their material framework. each cube, cast in bronze and amalgamated together to create the chair, is a fragment that gives an overall sense of deconstruction and dissolution.


‘presenze’ chair by nucleo: piergiorgio robino + alice c.occleppo, italy, 2015
limited edition of 6 pieces + 2 ap / exclusive for nilufar gallery

‘relief bench’ by nucleo: piergiorgio robino + alice c.occleppo, italy, 2015
unique piece, exclusive for nilufar gallery
inlaid marble, brushed brass

detail of ‘relief bench’

‘paglia di vienna’ collection low tables by osanna visconti di modrone, italy, 2015
natural bronze 

extremely rare pair of stools by sergio rodrigues, brasil, 1958 ca
manufactured by rodrigues workshop manufatura oca in belo horizonte hand-crafted in solid jacaranda wood of bahia