a dialogue between past and present at nomad st. moritz


Nilufar Gallery returns to NOMAD St. Moritz this year with a design installation experience curated to spark conversation. The show, backdropped by the Hotel Eden and the Switzerland‘s Engadine mountains beyond, transcends the boundaries of categories, merging vintage and contemporary pieces in a dialogue that celebrates diverse styles, techniques, and materials.

nilufar st moritz nomadimages © Nilufar Gallery



nilufar spotlights its mid-century collections


In time for the opening at NOMAD St. Moritz, Nilufar Gallery founder Nina Yashar comments: ‘I experience design as a journey through the visions, imaginations and lives of many cultures and places. NOMAD embodies this sense of unending curiosity.’ This spirit of exploration is evident in the selection of vintage design on display. Visitors are invited to view the works of Italian designer Gabriella Crespi, whose creations blur the lines between ‘spirit and matter, art and design.’ Her pieces, with their innovative use of materials like bamboo and metal, constantly transform and interact with space, recalling a bygone era of radical creativity. Alongside these, armchairs from B.B.P.R. and chests of drawers by Jacques Adnet bring a mid-century modern touch. 

nilufar st moritz nomad
Nilufar’s installation at NOMAD St. Moritz 2024 is a fusion of vintage and contemporary design



Nature’s Inspiration in Contemporary Design


The conversation then shifts to the present with a showcase of contemporary pieces. Lebanese designer Khaled El Mays‘s ‘Flora’ collection takes center stage, captivating with its organic shapes and references to the natural world. Christian Pellizzari, an Italian talent, presents new creations specifically designed for the event: luminous Murano glass works that illuminate the space with their ethereal forms.

Nilufar also spotlights emerging designers at its NOMAD St. Moritz installation. Maximilian Marchesani‘s new piece joins the display, while Lola Montes Schnabel shows paintings and candlesticks from her ‘Artichoke’ series. French artist Audrey Large‘s 3D-printed sculptures add a touch of futuristic flair, while Thierry Betancourt‘s magnetic carpet in silver and gold metallic yarn completes the experience with an element of playful luxury.

nilufar st moritz nomad
the display embodies Nina Yashar’s signature style, which celebrates diverse cultures and places old meets new at nilufar gallery installation during NOMAD st. moritz 2024
contemporary highlights feature Khaled El Mays’s organic forms and Christian Pellizzari’s Murano glass
old meets new at nilufar gallery installation during NOMAD st. moritz 2024
emerging talents like Maximilian Marchesani and Lola Montes Schnabel are also showcased old meets new at nilufar gallery installation during NOMAD st. moritz 2024
vintage pieces include works by Gabriella Crespi, B.B.P.R., and Jacques Adnet



project info:


gallery: Nilufar Gallery | @nilufargallery

event: NOMAD St. Moritz 2024 | @nomadcircle

location: Hotel Eden, Via Veglia 12, 7500 St. Moritz, Switzerland (Booth S6, 2nd Floor)

on view: February 22nd — 25th (11:00am — 7:00pm)

photography: © Nilufar Gallery