‘nimble’, designed by UK-based studio version 22, is a fingertip device for easy opening of paper and plastic packaging. utilizing a tiny ceramic blade, ‘nimble’ can slice through tough materials, but is safe to human skin, effectively removing accidents. version 22, led by simon lyons, was aided in development by alaster yoxall of sheffield hallam university. together, their efforts help users put an end to a small, but daily frustration. 

nimble version 22 blade fingertip
‘nimble’ tester introduction

video courtesy of version 22

nimble by version 22 places a convenient blade at your fingertips
‘nimble’ was tested with the help of a diverse group of 150 volunteers

nimble version 22 blade fingertip
‘nimble’ bolsters ability, giving a natural gesture a functional benefit

cuts through tough clam-shell packaging 

‘nimble’ finger 

envelope knife

nimble version 22 blade fingertip
simon lyons, designer of ‘nimble’



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