nir meiri designs a collection of lamps stemmed from soft lights of the moon
all images courtesy of shay ben efr






the moon collection‘ by nir meiri design studio is motivated by the brightness and shadows derived from the many faces of the moon. commissioned by nilufar gallery in milan, the lamps come in different variations: ‘7moons’ ceiling lamp, ‘2moons’ floor lamp and ‘1moon’ table lamp. merir molded the everyday lamps into clean cut forms with raw materials such as metal, and basalt stone. inside the shade there are flat detachable LED bulbs that spread the light from the center to its edges which can be adjustable and altered upwards and downards. these varied positions can be created by simply opening and closing a small clip located at the back of the lampshade. ‘the moon collection’ from nir meiri will be sold in limited editions worldwide. 

the ‘2moons’ floor lamp


the ‘7moons’ ceiling lamp


the lampshades adjustable and can be altered upwards and downards 


inside are flat detachable LED bulbs that spread the light from the center to the lamp’s edges


the lamp is manufactured from raw materials such as metal and basalt stone