nir portal architects have introduced ‘5.91’, an event hall located on a cliff 5.91 meters above sea level in netanya, israel. the main goal for the design was to cut the hall off from the environment in which it is situated and to create an atmosphere like the one in the vacation beaches of the french riviera. 

5 91 events 1

all images by yoav gurin



in order to make this happen, nir portal architects used a variety of components, such as the light blue and turquoise colors, white fabrics, flooring, wall covering, and other elements. the front part of the event hall, which faces the sea, has undergone massive intervention, opening up completely to the blue landscape that has now become the main scenery of the space. the entrance has been wrapped in natural vegetation, leading directly to the reception area. in addition, the foyer walls, as well as the serving counter, resemble a natural rock painted in white. 

5 91 events 2
construction beams exposed during the renovation



due to the geographical proximity, the influence of the african continent – especially of morocco – are evident on the riviera coast and consequently in the ‘5.91’ design. the decorative elements such as the moroccan patterns that cover the walls, as well as the partitions, are visible throughout the interior. the drama created between the intense blue color, and the golden tones that characterize these elements (as well as the decorative lighting of the place) cast a luxurious touch to the whole hall. 

5 91 events 3


5 91 events 4


5 91 events 5
lounge area


5 91 events 6
lighting/mirror designed by the architects


5 91 events 7


5 91 events 8


5 91 events 9
reception area


5 91 events 11


5 91 events 12



project info:


name: 5.91 events
architecture office: nir portal architects




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