‘hypertrophy chair’

the french NOCC design studio imagined a scenario in which traditional pieces of furniture would have endured some kindof radiation; where their genes would have mutated ‘radiation collection’ this experimentation has created adaptations comparable to the ones observed in nature’s species, resulting -in the long run- to evolution. the purpose of this collection is to explore the utilitarian possibilities of changes in the traditional shapes of furniture, as we know them archetypically.

NOCC: radiation collection

the hypertrophy of one extended armrest complements the use of the chair as a functional object (the chair can then be used as a newspaper rack, coat hanger, etc…)

NOCC: radiation collection‘outgrowth coffee table’

the ‘outgrowth’ on the table offers additional storage space.

the next generation of these pieces would then manifest the mutations. the designers came up with many versions of possible mutants:

NOCC: radiation collection NOCC: radiation collection

then they wondered which of these mutations would be ‘positive’ evolutions, that would enable the entity to better survive in its environment, while others we called ‘negative’ evolutions (these comprised the majority) and did nothing, even reducing the ability of the entity to survive in its environment.

NOCC: radiation collection

NOCC: radiation collection

NOCC is a paris based design studio formed by juan pablo naranjo and jean-christophe orthlieb. they exhibited at ‘talent à la carte’ at maison et objet 2010 in paris.