‘noè’ wine accessories by giulio iacchetti for alessi
all images courtesy of alessi / giulio iacchetti




noè’ (noah) is not just famous for building the ark to save animals from the universal flood, but also for his passion for wine and it is said that he invented it after being the first to experiment with grapevine cultivation. this is why we decided to name this series of accessories after the biblical patriarch who is said to have lived to the age of 950, spectacularly trouncing beer drinkers, who as suggested by the popular adage, live ‘merely’ 100 years! we need to store, open, pour, and preserve our wine and there is a piece in the ‘noè’ set for each of these tasks‘. – giulio iacchetti


the ‘noè’ collection is a set of four accessories designed to assist in the serving and preservation of wine. created by giulio iacchetti for alessi, the series includes a champagne cork opener, drop-stop ring, modular bottle holder and pressure bottle stop, all taking their namesake from the biblical character, who grew grapevines to make wine.



giulio iacchetti noe alessi designboom
‘noè’ champagne stopper
Ø 5.5 cm – H6 cm / Ø 2 ¼” – h 2 ¼”



made from 18/10 stainless steel, the ‘noè’ champagne stopper features an internal rubber crown, sealing open bottles with a pressure and expansion mechanism designed to keep the organoleptic properties of wine and champagne intact. its form is reminiscent of traditional corks used to hermetically seal bottles, and is intuitive to use: simply push and turn clockwise to secure the stopper, and turn it in the opposite direction to remove it.


giulio iacchetti noe alessi designboom
‘noè’ drop stop ring



the accompanying drop stop ring, which keeps drips from pouring to a minimum, features a decorative jewel.


giulio iacchetti noe alessi designboom
‘noè’ cork opener



the shape of the ‘noè’ cork opener mirrors the outline of a bottle. at its tip, there are cutters which assist in removing the metal cage that secures the cork in champagne bottles, with an opening further along the body which is used to extract the spigot with more ease. it is produced from AISI 630 steel that is cast in a shell using the lost-wax process, and then polished. the ‘noè’ champagne stopper, drop-stop ring and cork opener all come in alessi’s special objets-bijoux packaging.


giulio iacchetti noe alessi designboom
‘noè’ bottle holder
15.5 x 10 cm – H 11.5 cm / 6” x 4” – H 4 ½”



the ‘noè’ bottle holder makes a graphic visual reference to a bunch of grapes. the storage system allows one to combine and stack modules in various ways that can be positioned vertically or horizontally. it comes in a box set of six elements, forming a base pyramid structure can be expanded upon with the addition of more pieces. made from thermoplastic resin, the bottle holder is available in black, dark red and white.


giulio iacchetti noe alessi designboom
the bottle holder comes in a box set of six modules