pop-up café strengthens non-face-to-face customer service


since the coronavirus pandemic broke out, the emergence of unmanned services has apparently increased. retail and café industries have given priority to non-face-to-face contact, in an attempt to create a safe environment that customers do not hesitate to visit.


responding to this demanding era, new innovations in collaboration with blue bottle coffee has developed a new coffee experience in shibuya, tokyo, that utilizes the technology of AI cafe robot ‘root C’ —a service where you can order from a screen and pick up your brewed coffee from a locker system. a new non-face-to-face coffee experience in tokyo responds to today's pandemic eraall images by new innovations



specify the time and pick up your favorite coffee flavor


as the contactless services have accelerated since the aftereffects of covid 19, new innovations and blue bottle coffee seem to have the solution for coffee lovers. the concept behind the design is to order your favorite coffee flavor through a touch screen device and pick it up quickly without coming in contact with other people.


equipped with an ordering and receiving locker system, the pop-up shop makes coffee time safer and more direct. when the barista sets the coffee in the locker, the cell glows to smartly inform you that the order has been completed. for the eager customers, they can place orders on the move via the app, just selecting the pick-up time, without having to wait in front of ‘root C‘.

a new non-face-to-face coffee experience in tokyo responds to today's pandemic era
illuminates when the coffe is ready



project info:


name: pop-up cafe

by: new innovation in collaboration with blue bottle coffee
location: 2-24-12 shibuya, tokyo
dates: december 1, 2021 to 2022 february 15
operating hours: 10: 00-21: 00