‘bunny chair’ by iskos-berlin profile view H 120cm x W100 cm x L100cm

copenhagen-based studio iskos-berlin (aleksej iskos and boris berlin) has designed the ‘bunny chair’ for danish manufacturer normann copenhagen. the furniture piece is an interpretation of the classic ear chair, its enveloping form embracing whoever sits within it. the cheeky, sybaritic design  is emphasized by tightly-strapped strings that are wrapped around its soft, upholstered body.

‘we have always felt that the ear chair has somewhat been forgotten as a style of furniture. most people associate it with grandpa sitting with his newspaper or with granny and her knitting. it was therefore exciting to reinterpret the chair in a fun way, with recollections of the cute cuddly toys we had as children and of the soft ‘bunny’ now also for adults!‘ – boris + aleksej of iskos-berlin

normann copenhagen: bunny chair detail and back view

normann copenhagen: bunny chair front view and detail

normann copenhagen: bunny chair grey, pink and purple ‘bunny chairs’

normann copenhagen: bunny chair rope details