during maison et objet fall 2016, danish design company normann copenhagen has unveiled their latest furniture additions. comprised of tables, mirrors, and storage solutions, the pieces are made of solid wood and cool steel constructions that portray a minimalist industrial look smoothen by a composition of natural color shades that add an elegant and warm touch to any home.





designed by simon legald, the ‘journal’ desk is composed of a colored desktop that sits on a light steel frame, resulting in an inviting and light appearance that makes it a stylish addition to any modern decor. referencing old french industrial furniture, the frame is simple and constructed from a combination of tubular steel and sheet steel with slightly outward sloping legs. the monochrome overall look of ‘journal’ is interrupted by the desktop’s oak edge, which adds an element of softness to the design. the desk can be found in four calm colors: black, white, grey and light blue.

colors: black, white, grey, light blue
materials: laminate, oak veneer, powder-coated steel
dimensions: h: 74 x l: 130 x d: 65 cm





a new table has been added to the ‘slice’ collection, a set of tables made of oak. designed by hans hornemann, ‘slice’ is being joined by a bench, a bar table, a coffee table and a round table in two sizes. their versatility allows them to be used in different environments including private homes, offices and restaurants. their design recalls that of the nordic style, paying close attention to the details and proportions. its overall look and expression of solid and visual lightness is complemented by durable materials that make it ideal for frequent use.

colors: oak, black, grey, cream, bordeaux

materials: oak veneer, linoleum


slice coffee table – vol. 2 and linoleum h: 39 x l: 100 x d: 40 cm
slice bench – vol. 2 and linoleum h: 42 x l: 160 x d: 39 cm
slice ø95 – vol. 2 and linoleum ø: 95 x h: 74 cm
slice ø120 – vol. 2 and linoleum ø: 120 x h: 74 cm
slice bar table, vol 2 and linoleum h: 103 x l. 200 x d. 90 cm
slice 84 x 160 – vol 2 h: 74 x 160 x d: 84 cm





created by design duo kaschkasch, this philosophy of finding the perfect hybrid between functionality and aesthetics is present in the ‘mirror’ variations for normann copenhagen. with its simple geometric design, the ‘horizon’ collection is made of a steel shelf that is integrated with the glass, serving as a practical place to put things on. ‘the idea came to use when we were making models from sheets of paper thinking of the horizon you see when you are at the seaside. it is a playful, and somehow poetic, experience to see the duplication in the mirror,’ kaschkasch say when explaining the design.


colors: white, grey, light blue
materials: glass mirror, steel
dimensions and prices:
horizon round: ø34 cm
horizon horizontal: h: 40 x l: 80 cm
horizon vertical: h: 80 x l: 40 cm





aiming to maintain alive printed publications, simon legald has designed ‘analog’, a magazine rack. with its modern and underplayed design, this piece is perfectly suited for magazines and other printed goods. it’s rack’s hole-patterned sides reference computer equipment of the 90’s which had similar perforations for cooling down the electronics. these perforations also create transparencies that give glimpses of the magazines. its classical shape is composed of two separate compartments and practical handles form the basis for the design.


colors: black, white, blue-grey, red
materials: powder coated steel
dimensions: h: 38.2 x l: 41.6 cm x d: 23.5 cm






last but not least, the ‘jet’ shelf is the result of a designer’s play with surfaces and production. creator simon legald has taken a light aluminium piece and cut it into a clear silhouette that results in an unconventional wall shelf. manufacture by a technique called extrusion, the liquid aluminium is pressed through a specially designed profile to create the 4mm thick shelf. the profile has small incisions, which create the attractive grooved surface texture. ‘jet’ comes in lengths of 80 or 160 cm and in white, black, silver, and champagne.