norrmade furniture collection at maison et objet 2014
‘ladder shelf’ step and side rail in solid oak

black lacquered MDF
W 90cm x H 221cm
D 24.4cm to 38.5cm
all images courtesy norrmade




as part of their design approach, danish brand norrmade references nomadism – meaning to wander, to always be ready to move and to do so happily – which is seen apparent in their latest collection presented during maison et objet 2014 in paris. from shelving to clever seating solutions, each series of furniture has been developed to adapt to different interior settings and can be easily moved around. ‘the ladder bookshelf’ ( as seen above) elevates subtly to utilize the upper space in the room. the task of reaching the highest shelf is solved by including two steps below, without need assistance from a stool or chair.

norrmade furniture collection at maison et objet 2014



‘sheep’ bench
seat top in felt, ash or coloured
W 69cm x D 15cm x H 44cm


‘in the animal world a tail has many functions. one of them is to signal something with it. sheep is asking to be pulled from one room to another where it can offer so many different ways of being used that it should be given the opportunity to do so.’

norrmade furniture collection at maison et objet 2014



‘transit’ bench in lacqured ash
back: chrome steel
solid wood in black
W 100cm x D 40cm x H 45cm



‘a stopover should be a pleasant experience and so too is transit. to undo or tie one’s laces in a relaxing position. a place where a bag can rest for a while. transit is a new generation of shoe rack that takes the focus away from the shoes and instead towards being a welcoming bench that also has a back support, which can be used to get a relaxing lift-off from the seat.’

norrmade furniture collection at maison et objet 2014



‘pilgrim’ side table
white and black
handle: chrome
ø 41cm x H 50cm


‘a true nomad. nomadism design is what we like to call it. a pilgrim that is always ready to travel. the handle of the stool is waiting for a firm grip, for it to be lifted into another room. pilgrim is a stool that is easy to move no matter how far the destination may be.’

norrmade furniture collection at maison et objet 2014



‘hang sitt’ stool
stool with coat rack
oak natural & white coloured
Ø 31.5cm x H 46cm x H 160cm


‘a two-in-one functional stool. the seat is the perfect place to sit and tie one’s shoes or place a bag, and the sticks will carry coats, bags and much more. the lower sticks are also designed to be used by children.’

norrmade furniture collection at maison et objet 2014



‘rope’ glass mirror ø 300mm
2x10mm rusty red & black silicone o-ring
stainless wall hook


‘out of the many hundreds of knots that exist the “cow hitch” is one of the very few knots that, with its regular features, shows harmony and beauty. in many places around the world it is still used when lifting barrels, and now the time has also come for it to lift something else. a welcome to the indoors for the cow hitch.’




‘rake’ coat rack
stick: ash
rack:stainless steel
w:51cm x h:160cm


‘being an unique and historical garden tool that does wonders it deserves some rest from the hard gardening work. and there is no better place than a long-term rest on the wall, where it can wait as a confident and gentle character ready to serve you.’