‘marginal notes – peep group’ by note design studio

stockholm-based note design studio present their second grouping of ‘marginal notes’ furniture as part of the stockholm design week 2012 programme. this series is a follow-up to their first ‘marginal notes’ collection, whereby, the designers examined their notebooks in search of the ideas and unique sketches found in the margins – the ones that when you look at them again, you realize you need them.

many of the drawings they found seemed to have a common theme that they called ‘base camp’ – a grouping of designs made from simplistic materials with shapes derived from scientific field expedition tools adapted to stand wear and tear. many of the furniture pieces of this second ‘marginal notes’ collection taking on forms reminiscent of screens, filters and cages.

note design studio on the pieces of the second ‘marginal notes’ collection:

‘peep’ is a boxy storage system which has perforated walls, making them more transparent. ‘after some material tests, we had a colorful group of characters, of varying sizes and functions. they’re meant for holding your things, letting you decide what you do and do not want to show, complementing ‘keep’ perfectly…‘

note design studio at stockholm design week ‘keep’

‘keep’ is a larger arrangement of storage systems. traps to keep things inside, and sometimes let things out of. simple wooden cubed boxes let you decide how much you want to show. some have an open side, while others have perforated sliding lids making them hard to open from the inside.

note design studio at stockholm design week ‘settlers’

the ‘settler bench’ was influenced by the image of a log on a sawbuck, since a dead tree in the forest is really the best place for a short rest.

note design studio at stockholm design week ‘tuck’

‘tuck’ group is a series of seating objects. ‘we came across a pictures of a bearded man in a coral red tuque (pronounced ‘toque’) – or burglar beanie hat – and the color caught our attention. the hat become poufs to sit on, and their edges were folded just like the edges of the hat. this added the function of a pocket for magazines and other knick knacks.’

note design studio at stockholm design week ‘nour’

‘the influences behind ‘nour’ came from studio member alexis’ girlfriend maryam coming into our workspace and showing us her multi-colored origami polyhedra. we thought they would function well as lamps, and went through the process of finding a paper with the right properties of diffusing the proper quality of light. we selected the colors and patterns and maryam put them all together by hand.’

note design studio at stockholm design week ‘the catch’

a firefly in a butterfly net was the visual cue that led up to the swing-arm lamp ‘the catch’. through its pivot-point it can be swiveled around the room, shining light wherever is necessary while also ‘catching’ light.

note design studio at stockholm design week ‘sifter’

a gigantic ‘sifter’ in the centre of an excavation site, turns out to be a tall and handsome coat hanger. the net of ‘sifter’ helps catch your keys when they fall out of your pockets, or acts just as a basket for storing your hats and gloves.