‘i-return’ desktop frame for iPad, developed by nothing design group

seoul-based nothing design group has created ‘i-return’, a series of desktop frames for iPhone 4, iPad, and galaxy s2 that enable easy use of the device without the need to hold it.

composed of acrylic with a steel base, the frame is freely rotatable. two rubber blocks with cutaways sandwich the device, keeping the audio and charging jacks accessible. each side of the blocks is shaped differently to permit the framing of devices both with and without their cases, by simply switching which side of the rubber faces front. a hole on the back of the frame offers easy removal of the tablet or smartphone.

the iPhone 4 display measures 120 x 220 x 100 millimeters; that for iPad 2 measures 250 x 395 x 155 millimeters; and the frame for galaxy s2 120 x 220 x 100 millimeters, all measured when standing. the frame is shipped in four parts, generating a more efficient package size. a single screw connects the base and stem, the latter of which fits into a cutaway on the side of the backmost rubber block.

nothing design group: i return tablet frame side view

nothing design group: i return tablet frame renderings of the device for iPhone 4, shown in landscape and portrait modes

nothing design group: i return tablet frame left: diagram of frame construction from the four component parts right: the rubber blocks that physically frame the device can be turned around to accomodate the absence or presence of a case